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Terms and Conditions

For all sales and services provided or to be performed by Drain Time Plumbing


Estimates, Quotes & Proposals:


Estimates (also referred to as quotes or proposals) are only valid for 7 days from the time created and although all efforts are made to guarantee estimate pricing no estimates are guaranteed until both parties sign a contract in writing.  Estimates are based on current prices of materials, labour, plumbing codes, building codes, etc.  If we are unable to perform the work at the estimated price at the time the customer is ready to sign a revised estimate will be provided making the previous estimates null and void.

A signed estimate/proposal by the customer giving Drain Time Plumbing the approval to commence work is considered a contract.


Drain Time Plumbing agrees only to do the work as per written out in the signed work order, proposal, quote, or estimate which when signed becomes a legally binding contract. Omissions in the written contract and any work requested in variance to the contract are considered extra to the contract and are not included in the contract price. Any additional work, required due to site conditions known to the customer and not disclosed to Drain Time Plumbing or which could not be reasonably anticipated by Drain Time Plumbing are not included in the contract price and shall be extra to the contract price.



Drain Time Plumbing wants your service experience to be one of the best service experiences you’ve ever had. That’s why we offer you the Drain Time Plumbing “100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee”. Drain Time Plumbing is committed to upholding the highest level of service and installation in the plumbing industry.


12-Month Service Work Guarantee:


If you are not totally satisfied for the first year following the service work performed by Drain Time Plumbing, we will promptly address and perform to your complete satisfaction those issues regarding material and workmanship or we will refund your service call fee.


12-Month Installation Guarantee:


If you are not totally satisfied with our equipment installation work, we will promptly address and perform to your complete satisfaction those issues regarding material and workmanship or we will remove the installed equipment and refund your money.


Guarantee conditions:


Guarantee only covers the actual work that we have done on the premises in the contract. The guarantee becomes void should anyone not from our company make any modifications, adjustments or changes to the work we completed. Guarantee does not cover any damages by disasters or acts of God (i.e.: floods, freezing pipes, power surges or outages, etc.)  No extended warranties shall be valid unless in writing and signed by the technician. Although all care is taken when services are performed, we cannot guaranty that pre-existing components, materials or parts will not fail during servicing and thus accept no liability or responsibility for pre-existing equipment, materials or parts.


The following items are excluded from the 12 month guarantee:


We do not warranty clogged drains: we cannot accept responsibility for what consumers put down their drains. We do not warranty frozen pipes: nor can we guaranty that a pipe we unfroze won’t refreeze due to original home piping issues. We do not warranty airlocks in boiler radiator systems: these systems can produce additional air in the system even after we have bled the radiators. We do not warranty parts or equipment that we do not supply – in addition parts & equipment supplied by homeowner limits our labour warranty.  If parts supplied by homeowner fail we do not include return visits to replace or remove faulty equipment. We recommend the homeowner read the manufacturer’s warranty before purchasing parts and materials to avoid potential issues after installation.


Warranty Claims


Warranty repairs must be completed within 30 days of claim (pending parts availability) or warranty is voided.


Manufacturers Warranties:


Although all effort is made by Drain Time Plumbing to collect on behalf of the customer their manufacturer warranty, we cannot guaranty that the manufacturer will honour their warranty. Thus, the customer agrees to pay for parts and labour for services at the time the work is done and any warranty refunds received from the manufacturer will be refunded to the customer within 10 business days of receiving.  Refunds to the customer are processed the week following receiving of credits or refunds from the manufacturer and are paid to the customer by either a credit on their credit card (if the customer paid by credit card) or by cheque sent by regular mail. The customer will be notified by email of the status of their warranty claim as we receive updates and will be notified by email when credit or refund cheque is issued. Customer is responsible for notifying Drain Time Plumbing of any changes to email or mailing address.

Please note that manufacturers typically take up to 90 days to process warranty refunds and the amount refunded may only be a portion of the actual costs for the repairs or parts since the warranty refund value is at the complete discretion of the manufacturer which we have no control over. Drain Time Plumbing accepts no responsibility or liability for manufacturer warranties. We will continue to fight on the customers behalf to get the warranties covered as promised by the manufacturer but we cannot guaranty success.




Deposits are required for jobs where materials are being ordered and are typically 20% due at the signing of any work order, proposal, estimate or quotes (all are considered contracts once signed).


Special Order Materials or Equipment:


If the materials being ordered are non-refundable special-order materials and/or equipment that cannot be returned the deposit will need to cover all costs associated with ordering these special-order materials and/or equipment. Materials and/or equipment marked as special order non-refundable are not subject to refunds if the customer cancels the work although the installation can be cancelled at which point the equipment/materials can be picked up by the customer thus ending the contract.




Payment for completion of work is due on the day of completion and can be paid directly to our service technician or installer by cheque, cash, Visa, or MasterCard.

E-transfers (bank payments by email) are also acceptable.

Drain Time Plumbing retains title to any equipment and or materials furnished until full and complete payment is made and if settlement is not made as agreed.  Drain Time Plumbing will be held harmless for damages resulting from the removal thereof.

Any past due amount unpaid 30 days after completion are subject to 2% interest per month or the maximum allowed in the Province of Ontario on the unpaid balance. Any past due amount past 90 days will immediately be sent to collections and the customer agrees to pay any and all attorney fees and court costs in addition to interest and possible late fees.  Drain Time Plumbing will try to work with customers during times of hardship but cannot guarantee special terms beyond those listed here in our terms and conditions.


Notice of Work Stop or Cancellation:


To protect the health and safety of our employees and our customers all work will cease if any dangerous substances are located or a job site is found to be unsafe (such as asbestos, exposed live electrical wires, mold, trip and fall hazards, etc.) The work will commence once the identified problem has been taken care of by the customer in a way that meets safety codes. If the safety issues cannot be addressed or the customer declines to correct the safety issues the work will be cancelled and the customer agrees to pay for all work done up until that point including any non-refundable parts & materials purchased to complete the job.


Signature on Work Order, Proposal, Quote, Estimate or Invoice:


Please note these terms and conditions apply to all contracts which includes but are not limited to; work orders, proposals, quotes, estimates or invoices.


By signing the contract (contacts are work orders, proposals, quotes, estimates or invoices) I, the customer, am agreeing that I have read and understand these terms and conditions which are applicable to all contacts (contracts are work orders, proposals, quotes, estimates or invoices). I also agree to the terms and conditions set forth in these terms and conditions.

No changes, modification, cancellations or warranties to this contract are valid without being added separately in writing and signed by both parties.



Have questions? Give us a call or send an email and we will be happy to clarify things for you.

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