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Drain Service

We’ve all been there — one minute you’re washing the dishes, the next, the sink is clogged with floating scraps with no signs of going down. Or you could be in the shower, and the water level keeps on rising instead of draining. These are the telltale signs of a clogged drain.

But clogged drains aren’t just a hassle — blockage builds up over time, and damaging indoor flooding won’t be far behind. This is why you need regular drain cleaning.


Emergency Drain Cleaning

Drain Time Plumbing is the number #1 choice for professional drain cleaning and plumbing services in Calgary. Our plumbing expert can rescue you from any emergency, whether it’s wastewater flooding or sewer back-ups.

Regular Drain Cleaning

 Scheduled drain cleaning can be a vital service that protects you from damaging backups. Any establishments that are prone to grease build ups are high risk and should definitely consider a regular maintenance contract. Rentals can also be high risk because it is out of anyone's control to police what goes down the drains. Over time drains can develop bellies in the pipe system which hold water and slow down/catch solids making a perfect scenario for a backup. by regularly cleaning out the drains these problem areas can be reduced resulting in more reliable drainage systems or steps can be taken to try and rectify these major problem areas ie; grease traps, excavating the area and fixing the belly and so on. 

Does my home have clogged drains? Can you help with Drain service?

Clogged or backed-up drains don’t go away on their own. Without regular drain cleaning — and better housekeeping habits — the nasty buildup gets bigger, smellier, and likely to result in indoor flooding. Waiting to call a professional drain cleaning service? Here are some telltale signs that you should pick up the phone now:

  • Foul odours: Clogged drains often present as a foul, mysterious smell circulating your house that won’t go away, no matter how much you clean and spray air fresheners. This smell is likely due to clogged sewers or loss in trap seals.

  • Aging drains: Drains age and have a life span which inevitably leads to breaks, collapses and leaks. Aging drains are the main cause in sewer back ups and replacement of these drains is 99 times out of 100 the best step to take.

  • Waste: Be careful of what you flush down the drain — waste items can result in dirty, clogged drains, which can trigger indoor flooding, water damage, and even mould buildup. Make sure to throw waste items and trash where they belong, and not simply flush them down the toilet or the sink. Waste items include EVERYTHING that does not come out of your body and toilet paper no matter what the marketing advertisements tell you! 

Book a Professional Drain Cleaning Service

Don’t let clogged drains build up and worsen. Call a professional plumber or drain cleaning service at the first sign of clogs and back-ups. Keep your home’s plumbing system working perfectly for a safe and pleasant living experience, from every shower to a new recipe you’re trying out in the kitchen:

  • Prevent clogs: Clean drains and professionally removed debris keep pipes clear and safely working for much longer. Prevent foul odours, slowly draining water and the risk of indoor flooding.

  • Regular maintenance: Trust a professional drain cleaning service for regular check-up and maintenance of pipes and drains to prevent damaging waste build-up.

  • Professional tools: Drain Time Plumbing is equipped with the latest drain augers to ensure the job is done right!

  • Years of Experience: Our team of professional plumbers has extensive experience in solving drainage problems in residential and commercial buildings. We are equipped with modern drain cleaning tools and trained to solve all of your drainage issues. With us, you can feel confident that your plumbing issues are under control.

Drain Service Provided:

  • Drain Clearing

  • Drain Locates

  • Camera Inspection

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