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Leaks & Repairs

Plumbing Leaks can be a disaster! Did you know that more homes are damaged by water than by fire?

It is a fact! Plumbing leaks can come from many sources:

  • Sink Leaking

  • Water Leaking

  • Leaking Toilet

  • Pipe Leaking

  • Shower Leak or Tub Leak

  • Drain Leak

When it comes to leaks you want the plumbing service experts at Drain Time Plumbing. With over 17 years of experience, Scott has been repairing plumbing leaks and preventing them with upgrading plumbing lines, plumbing repairs, leak fix, repair leaking toilet, sink leaking repairs, pipe leaking repairs and more. Have a water leak – he can fix it! 

We don’t just repair leaks we help you turn the water off to prevent additional damages!

At Drain Time Plumbing we know what leaking water damage can do to your home and we are fully trained in plumbing services to help you quickly in an emergency from the moment you call to stop the leak:

  1. We will walk you through how to turn your main water off.

  2. We will then schedule Scott to come and provide you with a written quote up front – so you know exactly what the repair will cost before we do the work to fix the leak.

  3. Once you approve the work the leak is quickly and professionally repaired, meeting all plumbing and building codes at the price you already agreed to so you are NEVER left worrying about how long it will take to fix or how much the final bill is going to be.

Have a leak – don’t wait – call us immediately for quick help! 

Plumbing leaks, toilet leaks, sink leaking, basin leaks, bathtub leaks, kitchen sink leaking, leak in the ceiling, dripping pipe, if you got a plumbing leak, Call Us at 613-888-9504

Plumbing repair/ drain service
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