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Plumbing Renovations

Adapting an old plumbing system to the new fixtures and piping systems can be tricky. But with over a decade of experience and expertise there isn’t a plumbing job out there that can’t be done the right way and on time.

We work with you or your contractor walking you through each step for completing your home improvement plumbing project.

For example we will tell you exactly what needs to be completed by you (or your contractor) before we can prepare the rough-in. The rough-in is the part of the job that absolutely has to meet National plumbing and building code standards and the part that has a long term effect on your sewage and fresh water coming into your home – get the venting wrong and drains stop flowing and you could end up with a house that smells like a sewer, get the drainage wrong and things can back up and flood (water and raw sewage) causing thousands in smelly damage… in other words, don’t take chances on your most expensive investment – your home. We are here to make sure that the job gets done right the first time.

Once we complete the rough in then it is up to you or your contractor to complete the walls, floors, ceilings, electrical, air circulation/heating, etc. then we come back back at the end to complete the finishing (installation of fixtures) for you to assure a professional finish and attention to detail.

When you have our licensed plumber work in your home you are assured that we use only the best materials available and we never violate any plumbing or building code requirements. We also keep our job-sites clean & tidy and remove all debris upon completion leaving you with a professionally finished renovation.

Every job we do has been installed and tested to the National Plumbing and Building Code standardsIf you are considering renovating your bathroom, kitchen or adding an addition to your home we can help.

Want to do the contracting yourself? Provided you follow all building codes we can certainly work with you to complete the job although it is always best to use a highly qualified contractor when in doubt.

 A thorough estimate requires us to completely understand your needs. If you don’t have plans simply call our office and we will arrange for our licensed plumber to come out and personally see you in order to give you a written estimate.

Please note that many people shop for estimates years before they actually plan on doing the work – our estimates are based on current materials and labour costs and thus are only valid for 7 days. Although we will try to honour quoted prices past our 7 day expiration date prices are subject to change depending on changes in material or operation costs. If a quote is beyond its expiration date we will provide you with a revised quote.

You can cut your losses drastically (saving up to 80%) by doing it right the first time. This is your most expensive investment, why pay more than you have to when you can have the peace of mind by hiring a professionally licensed and insured plumber.

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