Cottage Services 

Growing up in Gore's Landing on Rice Lake Scott is no stranger to cottage country and cottage plumbing. However it is this experience that has allowed Drain Time Plumbing to offer a very specialized and unique service to the cottage market of Frontenac County, Leeds and Grenville and the Thousands Islands.

Cottages are a place of tranquility and relaxation. Your time spent there is with family and friends and having healthy, and operable water systems is integral in that enjoyment.


Opening Services 

  • Inspect condition of all pipes

  • Repair where necessary

  • Prime pump or activate municipal water service

  • Install lake lines and pumps

  • Fill wall water pipe systems (hot and cold lines)

  • Flush all antifreeze from drains

  • Test all fixtures and visually inspect all water pipes

  • Clean all screens on faucet fixtures

  • Install new filters and UV bulbs if necessary 

Closing Services 

  • Shut off water supply to the cottage

  • Blow out the water lines

  • Antifreeze all drains to prevent sewer gasses 

  • Remove lake lines

  • Winterize shallow well pumps


From leaks to clogged drains or any other plumbing issue Drain Time Plumbing is there to help you at your most treasured hideaways. We are just a phone call away.


Cottage additions and renovations are often unique from typical residential projects with water systems feed from the lake there are often many considerations needed to ensure that things are done right.

We have a great deal of experience installing any variety of plumbing service in cottages from Outdoor Showers with hot and cold hose taps, Upgrades to hot water installations and so much more!